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Content Strategy & Solutions (CSS)

Integrated service catering to the content requirements of the clients ranging from strategies to solutions. Our services include solution consulting, developing relevant learning strategies, bespoke curation, ready-to-use content assets, and an ever-evolving marketplace of high quality courses, all intended to serve end-to-end content needs of the client in a structured manner.

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Our Content Offerings

We partner with you to fully customise content offerings as per your organization’s needs, right from providing consulting service for your content strategy, to ongoing content curation & co-creation for targeted skills & competencies.

Content Strategy

Learning design to select and deliver content that engages learners, fosters sustained engagement, and inspires successful completion of upskilling.
1. Consultation:
1. Consultation:
  • Identifying learning goals
  • Content and Learning Strategy
  • Content Architecture
2. Co-Creation:
2. Co-Creation:
  • Creating a joint L&D strategy around the defined scope
  • Brief assessment of the learner’s interests/proficiency
  • Engagement Roadmap
3. Support:
3. Support:
  • Conduct various workshops to enable and support
  1. Content Curation 
  2. Content Architecture 
  3. Best Practices

Curation as a Service (CaaS)

EdCast is a global leader in learning strategy, design, and delivery. Our processes and tools allow us to quickly sort through vast amounts of content and by using principles of instructional design, we design and structure online content in the form of Learning Assets on a theme/topic/skill to meet learner needs. This drives learning in a goal-oriented way and enhances learner engagement.

1. Design
1. Design
Research, identification, and design using instructional design principles, based on the clients’ requirements and learning goals.
2. Quality
2. Quality
Update curated content at regular intervals by adding, modifying and deleting content to keep content fresh and relevant at all times.
3. Expertise
3. Expertise
Content curated is validated by subject matter experts for accuracy and relevance.
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EdCast Curated Portfolio (ECP)

EdCast’s Curated Portfolio (ECP) is an ever-growing collection of 600+ high-quality foundational Pathways on relevant topics, created utilizing principles of Instructional Design. ECP covers 450+ hours of beginner to intermediate levels of learning, across 15 domains. Based on the client requirements, Pathways are selected and cloned for rapid deployment, serving as a starter pack, supplementing existing content.

600+ Pathways, 450+ Hours of learning
Covering Beginner to Intermediate levels of learning, with micro-learning assets

Emerging Technologies, Professional Skills, Leadership, Management, Compliance, Learning & development, Technology, Future of Work, Transformer CLO, Content Strategy & Architecture, Designing Learner Experiences, Remote Work, Retail, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resources, Health and Wellness, etc.

Trusted by over 1,000 business buyers in more than 50 countries
More than 3,000 learning products and programs
Choose from multiple delivery formats ranging from ILT, virtual or blended learning in over 25 languages
Optimize your procurement strategy, and purchase only when needed.

EdCast Marketplace

EdCast Marketplace is a global e-commerce platform that enables corporate L&D teams to source all their training products and services from a single, integrated learning ecosystem. The EdCast Marketplace offers an ever-expanding catalog of self-paced and (virtual) instructor-led training programs in Technology, Soft Skills, Leadership, Compliance, and various other subjects, in an agile and on-demand e-commerce environment.

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